About Colyseus

Colyseus is an open-source Multiplayer Framework that was started in 2015. Since then, it has been constantly evolving and growing through the support from the community. In 2021, Lucid Sight saw the potential of Colyseus and how it could be used to democratize Multiplayer Networking. Now Colyseus is being made to be more accessible and robust. Arena, a dashboard and set of supplementary tooling for Colyseus, is currently in development and is scheduled to be released summer of 2021. 




R A N D Y  S A A F



O C T A V I O   H E R R E R A



F A Z R I  Z U B A I R


Randy co-founded Jirbo, Inc in 2008. Jirbo was one of the first iPhone gaming companies and has some of the most downloaded iPhone games in the world. Jirbo became AdColony, one of the largest mobile video ad networks. AdColony was sold to Opera Mediaworks.

Octavio is a technology entrepreneur with successful track record starting and selling companies. He co-founded Jirbo, Inc in 2008. Jirbo changed its name to AdColony and transitioned from gaming to one of the largest mobile video ad networks. AdColony sold to Opera Mediaworks in 2014 for $350 million.

Fazri is a software engineer/entrepreneur with a decade of experience in system architecture, software development, live operations, and studio management. He focuses on emerging technology development and has worked with top brands and companies including Mattel, DC's Justice League, Viacom, Samsung, Star Trek, CBS, MLB, Scopley, Deluxe, and WB.

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E N D E L  D R E Y E R

Colyseus Founder


N I K A O  Y A N G

EVP Global Business Development AdColony

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W I L L  K A S S O Y

Former CEO of Ad Colony and Former Activision Exec

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J O S H  J O N E S

DreamHost Co-founder and Early Bitcoin Investor and Entrepreneur


J O N A T H A N  Z W I E G

Founding CEO of Adcolony and CEO AppOnboard

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P E T E  W A N A T

20+ Year Video Game Industry Veteran

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