Designed for You to Focus on Gameplay.

Our flexible framework can be designed to fit any multiplayer experience.

In the last 6 years, Colyseus has been battle-tested, updated, and improved making it one of the fastest-growing solutions for multiplayer development. If you want to build games fast, focus on gameplay, and not iterate DevOps then Colyseus is the server for you.

Why choose Colyseus?

Free Up

Now and Forever!

Active Community

Create your server using TypeScript or Javascript

Built for Game Devs

Show off your creations & get support

Built for Game Devs

Ever growing library of tools, videos, and example code to help you GET TO FUN FASTER™!

Colyseus Features

Game State Synchronization

Mutate the game state in the server, and have it synched automatically with all clients.

Enable Message Passing

Easily exchange messages between the server and client.

Match Players into Rooms

Game rooms are created on demand by the framework.

Easily Scalable

Scale vertically or horizontally with Colyseus