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1st Game Jam - Results


Last week we hosted our first Official Colyseus Game Jam! Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to the winners! This Game Jam asked participants to create games with the theme of ‘Simplicity’ and use the Colyseus Multiplayer Framework and exercise their skills in Unity. This first Game Jam had prizes for first ($500 prize), second ($200 prize), and third place ($100 prize). When judging the games we took into account the completeness of the game, how fun it was, the netcode consistency, and if the entry was delivered on time.. Unfortunately, some members had issues submitting their entries in time, so we enacted an extension to accommodate them, however those entries were only in contention for the third-place prize.



1. Nanogo

Nanogo is inspired by the classic board game "Go". Defeat your opponent by capturing the most territory or by forcing them to resign.

2. Stealth

A stealth game with basic shapes that is simple to play but hard to master. The multiplayer aspect of the game is that you are joined by the other players who are also stuck in that level.

3. Colyseus Networked FPS

A networked FPS prototype - very ambitious genre choice for a game jam! It has a class editor with multiple weapons to select from, and smooth animation transitions.


Fantastic job everyone! Winners, we will be in contact over this coming week to arrange prize dispersal. Thank you again to all who participated in our first Game Jam! Watch the video below to see the games in action!



We learned a lot from our first Game Jam, but we would value your input as well! If you can take less than 5 minutes of your time to complete this Survey regarding Game Jam feedback we would greatly appreciate it. This includes if you did not participate, we would love to hear from all of you so that we can make our next Game Jam even better!


Colyseus Team