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Introducing the new Colyseus

Hi All!

Today Lucid Sight, a software development company based in Los Angeles California, is very excited to announce that we have acquired Colyseus and will be leading its future development. Just as exciting is that Endel, the creator of Colyseus, will be joining our team and will continue to work with us on updates and contributions to this project. We at Lucid Sight have been a big fan of the Colyseus framework and found many use cases for it throughout the years.

We are now planning to bring our years of experience and expertise in game development to the project, and sharing via contributions and updates to Colyseus Framework. First, we want to assure the community that Colyseus will remain Open Source, we have no plans to change this. What we plan to do is improve upon the current project by expanding its feature set to make Colyseus the #1 multiplayer solution for game creators.

One of the first contributions we plan to push to Colyseus is a hybrid TCP/UDP transport. The TCP/UDP transport was created a few months back to support CSC, a space MMORPG that is free-to-play and available on Steam. The transport allows clients that support UDP to use it in lieu of TCP to provide a faster connection for high-frequency data games. The first version of CSC to use Colyseus will be released in a few weeks as part of our Battle Arena update, over the next few months all CSC's multiplayer system will be migrated to use Colyseus.

In addition to updating the core Colyseus open source project, Lucid Sight is excited to announce that we will also provide a cloud hosted solution called Colyseus Arena. Colyseus Arena will empower developers to build games while focusing on the gameplay and not the network engineering. Arena will be providing a full suite of solutions in addition to the Colyseus server that will include authentication/user accounts system and datastore to hold player / game specific information. With Colyseus Arena we aim to democratize multiplayer development and unlock its potential for millions of game creators and help them Get To Fun Faster™.

To further help game creators build multiplayer games Lucid Sight / Colyseus will be releasing several example projects and frameworks the community is free to use as a platform for their own multiplayer games. The first of these tech demos will be released today with more following in the next few months. Along with these demos we will provide walkthrough videos and guides that explain our thought process and how they can be expanded into a complete game.

Check back here on our developer blog, or follow us on Twitter to get updates on when these example projects and video resources will drop. To conclude, we are excited to be part of this next phase of Colyseus and look forward to helping game creators Get To Fun Faster™ as they make multiplayer games.