Are you a game developer working on the next hit MMO, MOBA, FPS, or other real-time game in the Unity Game Engine

Do you want to build on a 7-year-old multiplayer framework that is an easy-to-use, Unity-optimized, multiplayer solution with code examples and Tech Demos?

Are you looking for a trusted solution used by over 450,000 developers in some of today's popular Unity games and metaverses?

Colyseus Arena is the fastest way to develop and deploy your multiplayer games using built with the Colyseus framework. Arena is a fully managed solution that enables you to focus on your multiplayer game development leaving server management, infrastructure, and scaling to us.

With Arena, you get the tools to Accelerate your game Development by enabling your team to Monitor, Profile, Debug, and play your game in a live environment.

Unity Game Engine Assets:

- Unity Starboss  Colyseus Tech Demo 

- Unity Asset Store Colyseus Plug-in

The fastest way to build + deploy your multiplayer gaming experience

Free Up

Your valuable time and limited resources


On creating better, immersive, and impactful solutions

Let Go

We handle the Monitoring, Dev Ops, and Server Management

The Arena Dashboard helps users manage & monitor their applications

Monitor, manage and update your game server from this screen. Arena Developers have the ability to access gameplay metrics (CCU, CPU Utilization, Memory Usage), view logs in real-time, have a globally accessible game server URL and make quick changes with our Web IDE.

Detailed Performance Metrics

Dive deep into your game server deployments with a custom Grafana dashboard. Monitor memory, cpu usage and live players with granularity down to a specific server.

Live Logs

Gain a deeper understanding of your player base by exploring your multiplayer game server logs in real-time. Identify issues, debug roadblocks and see player activity with ease all from our log management system. Experiencing a critical issue that is crashing your multiplayer game server? Arena is here to help by automatically saving crash logs to help you identify your problem and get your users back to Fun Faster!

Server Management

Colyseus Arena provides you with robust access to your multiplayer game servers and all the supporting Arena services. From managing your load balancer, exploring individual server instances, to clearing and resetting your Redis presence–Arena's intuitive UI allows you to perform DevOps and maintenance with ease.

Supported Platforms

Arena Main Features

Load Balancer
Global Availability
24/7 Monitoring & DevOps
Effortless Horizontal Scaling
DDoS Protection & HTTPS/SSL
Premium Support


Best for 0-500 DAU

35-150 CCU

Ideal plans for development environments, multiplayers experiments or small indie titles.

Best for 12000-60000 DAU

Unlimited CCU

Provides enterprise level service and support, SLA with an uptime guarantee, engineering support and  DevOps-As-A-Service.